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GOOD (Too Good #1) by S.Walden

Good  - S. Walden


First of all, I personally hate quoting Bible and preaching in romance novels, that's why I steer clear of Christian Fiction.
This one did not come with warning.   To make things worse, I think the author just discovered a new genre with this book - Christian Erotica . It sounds wrong and it was ... so wrong, so very wrong.

Actually, I love to read about forbidden relationships and teacher/student romance should be just that with an undeniable chemistry between characters so the story won't come out as weird. Well, it didn't work out that way here. This book was like watching a train wreck. Highly uncomfortable, but you just can't help yourself.
The immature supposedly very religious good Christian girl straight out of Juvie (I know, too funny :) and a 28-year old math teacher ?
Weird, and again, this just felt wrong.