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Close Encounters of the Sexy Kind - Karen Kelley I didn't expect much when I picked up this book but I have always been fascinated by books about aliens living among humans, so I gave it a try.
Oh boy, was I surprised in a very good way!
This book was funny, well written and characters were very likable and if the story faltered in some parts, it didn't distract me at all.

Mala is an alien woman from the planet Nerak where only women lived and they used for their needs a companion units designed to fulfill their every wish.
At Nerak there was always peace and nobody caused trouble, it was boring, so Mala wondered -
"What would it be like to live on Earth where you
could have animals and space? Where you could
eat chocolate and have sex whenever you liked? It
was paradise"
So she took a spacecraft and came looking for an Earth man.
And the fun started with her experiencing sex, different feelings, food, animals and people on Earth.