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Unleashed - Cherrie Lynn I do occasionally pick up an erotic romance to have a quick easy read between more serious books and when I do, I expect the real hot chemistry between h&H.
This is , in my opinion, what separates the good writers from the wannabes riding on the hype of the genre right now.

Cherrie Lynn did a very good job telling the story of friends-to-lovers. The chemistry between Kelsey and Evan was hot, hot, hot! I could feel their desire for each other and I didn't just flip through the sex-scene pages like I usually do in some not so good romances.

Maybe there was a bit much of misery and moaning about the things happend to them in the past but that didn't bother me and I enjoyed the story all the way to the HEA.

I would take Evan Ross to be my book-boyfriend anytime :)