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Lady Luck (Colorado Mountain, #3) - Kristen Ashley 2,5 stars

I just don't know where to start with this book. It's written by Kristen Ashley, it's the third book in Colorado Mountain series which first two books were very good and now this. Not good at all, kind of awful really.
There were several things wrong with this story.
The beginning was totally weird, given the background of the heroine and with the choices she made, I really thought that she has a strong case of TSTL.
Then the story draged on awfully and there was sooooooo much swearing. I can take some strong language but this was just over the top and then some. What was it with colored men in this book calling their wives pussys and bitches all the time. So annoying.
The writing was generally bad and this was a surprise for me, because Kristen Ashley writes good and witty dialogues but in this book there was a lot of weird long monologues instead, repeating the same thing over and over again. Blaah, really.
I didn't get the H/h at all and I didn't like them. Nothing to do with the skincolor, they both just annoyed me acting weird and stupid, especially the heroine.
The last quarter of the book finally got the story moving and earned the two stars.
Half a star is for me still not giving up on Kristen Ashley after this flop.