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Chose the Wrong Guy, Gave Him the Wrong Finger - Beth Harbison

The title draw my attention as soon as I saw it. Very witty and funny, but the book, sadly, didn't live up to its promise.

The story was a good chick-lit material but somehow turned weird and I had an issue with main character Quinn who just could not let go her wedding fiasco that took place ten years ago when she was 21-years old.
Come on, at that age you lick your wounds and go on with your life not turn into a bitter boring old maid constantly poking around past events.
Unfortunately this was not my only turn-off about the book. I have to say that I didn't like the writing style of Beth Harbison. Too little dialogue and too much inner monologues about the same issue over and over again. Aargh ....so frustrating.

So why the relatively good rating of three stars after this rant?
Well, there were couple of things I loved about this book.
The secondary characters were fantastic and colorful and I loved the background stories of Quinn's bridal shop customers brilliantly included into story line.

All in all a solid, quite entertaining, fast read chick-lit.