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Lord's Fall (Elder Races #5) by Thea Harrison

Lord's Fall - Thea Harrison


Fifth book in Elder Races series and with familiar main characters - The Wyr Lord Dragos and his mate Pia.


Dragos and Pia are not my favorite couple in series but still this was a good story.


This time Pia tries to help Dragos settle an old dispute between Wyr and Elves. She travels to Elves demesne to meet the Elven leaders but something unexpected happens and once more Dragos has to come to rescue.


Somehow slow beginning but then fast pace action, not much Elder Races politics I don't particularly care about and the ever amusing power struggle between Dragos and Pia makes this book really enjoyable. The old dragon lord still struggles to control his young stubborn mate and learns to trust in her decisions and let go of his autocratic need to rule her like his subjects. I must say there are really powerful feelings between those two and Thea Harrison does a good job showing it through her writing.




"We might make a list of pretty words that we can call each other or use for our relationship, but I don't feel pretty things for you. I feel things for you that are volcanic and dangerous, and I'm not safe at the best of times."


This series gets better with every book and as the sixth book has just been published, I can't wait to read it ASAP.